Vineteq’s mission

Vineteq’s mission is to optimize a vineyard’s spraying processes by utilizing autonomous decision making in an app and web-based solution.

Vineteq service acts as an advising unit that prompts vineyard owners, managers, and workers with ways of performing the best spraying techniques and spray inventory management while maintaining full control of their vineyard. The spray program recommendations are based on data from seasonal spray charts, regional weather patterns, precise geographic location, and disease models.


Vineteq approached 923 Digital with a brilliant idea, but no technical expertise to bring this ambitious vision into reality.

We partnered with Vineteq to build the SaaS product from the ground up. As technology entrepreneurs, we also helped the young team with the strategy, branding, positioning, pricing, and marketing.The main challenge was to create the data model and develop the decision-making engine - the heart of the Vineteq system.


We modeled the decision-making process in accordance with an expert and conducted further research to obtain all the data points. These were entered into our data model and converted all human-only-readable remarks to standardized computer-friendly attributes and properties. Multiple dependencies, constraints, and rules had to be accounted for to make the system behave like its human counterpart and produce accurate and effective recommendations.

The model was the heart, but it needed a body to have a fully functioning SaaS offering. Vineteq Admin Console, Customer Web Portal and Mobile Assistant Apps were designed and developed from scratch. Our Design team created the Branding package and incorporated the brand look, feel and visual language into the Apps and the Website.


Vineteq benefits long-term customers through the collection of vineyard data. This information is used to help identify weather, spray, and disease trends to make more informed, data-driven decisions year after year.

923 Digital helped Vineteq to develop a comprehensive, innovative and attractive SaaSoffering from the idea stage, through R&D and into production.

Vineteq is creating the future of viticulture by optimizing the vineyard spray processes, saving time and money, reducing crop loss and protecting the vines from the disease.